Are We Addicted To The Sun?

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Harvard University seems to think we are addicted to the sun, and I would wholeheartedly agree. Maybe not in the same way that Scarface was addicted to cocaine but the pathways are similar. In fact a study done by our friends at Harvard have shown that it’s the UV component of sunlight that is causing us to become addicted to the sun. Obviously this comes with the generic nonsense warnings of “the obvious negative impact UV light has on our bodies”. Excuse me while I yawn into my fist.



The study, albeit in tiny fluffy humans, sometimes referred to as mice in academic studies showed that UV light exposure caused an increase in circulating levels of beta-endorphin. When UV light was taken away from the mice the exhibited withdrawal symptoms.


The head of the study, David Fisher identified “an organic pathway encoded in skin whereby UK radiation causes the synthesis and release of beta-endorphin and produces opioid like effects, including addictive behaviour.


We need to steer away from the utter drivel and government rhetoric that ensues which was to take these results and conclude this is why skin cancer is on the rise as we seek out the sun. Well Harvard boffins please enlighten me to how excess UV light causes melanoma in a vitamin D deprived population?


We need to look at this study from a quantum perspective. Dr. Jack Kruse is famed for saying that the sun is the only opioid drug that we should become addicted to and comes with no side effects. I would change that to limited side effects, if we apply context to a given situation, however that is not for this blog.


We are addicted to sunlight as we cannot produce our own vitamin D and we need sunlight to do this. Our basic physiological nature is dependent on sunlight. We need UV light to turn DHA into a DC electric current to charge our mitochondria, we need it to help produce melanin in the skin and also to help produce serotonin which will later be synthesized into melatonin and help sleep. We are addicted to the sun because we need the sun to function, without the sun we will die, we evolved under the sun and we seek out the sun to charge us and optimise our biological processes.




We need to avoid carcinogenic sunscreens and stop covering up our solar panels. Our lack of sun exposure and chronic fear of the sun has been well documented in the lowering of average vitamin D levels. For example one of the lowest vitamin D levels in the world is in Australia, where we have 30+ days of sunshine a year yet our levels of melanoma are one of the highest in the world! Nature would only allow us to become addicted to something that would kill us.


We are addicted to the sun for a reason, that reason is optimal survival.

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