Blue Light Glasses – Useful or Overpromoted?

There has been a wave of social media influencers promoting blue light glasses recently. Every pastel washed wall of Instagram seems awash with pretty girls and handsome guys repping a pair of blue light glasses. Despite some media outlets suggesting there is minimal scientific evidence to back up their claims this is simply a half truth and context needs to be applied.


You’re wearing the wrong blue light glasses!


The companies that are providing collateral to “influencers” online seldom know or even care about the science of biophotons (light) and how it impacts our biology. Many of these company’s glasses do not even target blue light found in LED back lit digital devices. These clear lenses reflect a bit of violet light or green light whereas the damaging portion of light found in your laptop or office lights peaks at around 450nm, which is mid blue. The image below proves my point, how much blue light is being reflected by these blue light glasses? Answer, probably zero, its a green reflection....

This is the issue you will face if you buy clear blue light glasses or computer glasses from companies who buy in bulk from some warehouse in China. There is no regard to the science, or even care, as long as they ride the wave of trend-town and make a quick buck. Like a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest, you are doomed to fail if you buy these glasses. Overhyped, yes, but to lump every company into the same garbage can of misinformation would be unfair. This is why BLUblox provide the evidence, clear as day, for everyone to read, see of listen to.


You can tell that these companies know about as much about blue light as Donald Trump knows about politics by the vocabulary they use to describe their product. Take this as an open letter to those companies who market misinformation about their products and refer to clear lens blue light glasses as “blue light blocking glasses”. Spoiler alert, blue light blocking glasses have to block blue light to be called blue light blocking glasses or blue blockers. Here’s a thought, if you can see the colour blue wearing “blue light blocking glasses” they are not blocking blue light people!


Don’t get me wrong, clear lenses have a place in light management, but not when they focus on everything but blue light or are dubbed blue light blocking glasses.


Make sure you seek a company who shares their lens test reports, provides credible education and knows how to correctly label their products, PS, its computer glasses or blue light filtering glasses.


After dark the evidence is overwhelming


It’s very clear that letting our eyes see blue light and most green light after sunset is going to disrupt our sleep. Harvard University have also released multiple papers showing the damage blue light can cause to our sleep and hormones. Blue light exposure after dark tricks our brain into thinking its daytime and to not lower cortisol and to suppress melatonin production. This is where we need to ensure we block light between the melatonin disruption zone of 400nm to 550nm. To you and I that’s 100% of blue light and about 80% of total green light. This will ensure you get the correct level of sleep hormones, feel most relaxed before bed time and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.


Ensure you avoid clear lenses or yellow lenses after sunset as although these lenses have their place during the day they do not help effectively manage against blue light after sunset. Blue light glasses that block 100% in the 400nm to 550nm range is what you need and what the science tells us we need, so ensure your lenses block in this range. Not sure if your glasses block in this range, then reach out to us and we will let you know! Second spoiler alert, they probably don’t optimise your melatonin products as like your computer glasses they have come out of a factory in China with no science applied, sorry!


Overhyped or necessity?


It’s true to say that there is an element of social media over-hyping of blue light glasses. But its unfair to lump all brands in together on this. The majority of blue light glasses want to ride the trend to wear these glasses as a fashion accessary rather than a tool to heal your sleep, eyes and hormones. This is where BLUblox is changing the market. With our education first approach to our brand we will continue to empower everyone who wants to learn with the actual peer reviewed science behind light and blue light products.


When backed by and created in line with science, blue light glasses for both day and night are a necessity for your overall health and wellness. Make sure you get the best blue light glasses and best computer glasses for your health.

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