What Are the Benefits of Computer Glasses?

The major benefits of wearing computer glasses are reducing digital eye strain, reducing harmful glare, reducing exposure to digital blue light and being able to work longer at a computer with less eye fatigue.

We know the reality is that our modern world means that we have to look at digital screens, like laptop and desktop computer screens on a very regular basis.

Unfortunately that means we can experience the unwanted negative effects of working many hours on a laptop or desktop computer.

That is why we at BLUblox have created what we think are one of the best computer glasses available that actually do work as claimed by being lab tested.

Woman wearing BluLite computer glasses from BLUblox

The 5 Benefits From Wearing Computer Glasses

Here are some of the common benefits you might experience by investing and actively wearing a pair of good computer glasses.

1. Reduction in Blue Light Exposure

Person being exposed to blue light coming off a computer screen

One of the biggest issues from looking at computer screens for long periods of time is being exposed to lots of harmful artificial blue light (a.k.a High Energy Visible light).

The blue light wavelengths being emitted from either LED or LCD computer screens contribute to disrupting your bodies natural body clock sleep wake cycle (a.k.a circadian rhythm.)

Not only does blue light negatively affect your sleep pattern, but it also contributes to poor eye health in the long-term.

By wearing a pair of blue light filtering computer glasses like our BluLite computer glasses will help you deal with these two major problems associated with blue light exposure that comes from digital devices.

2. Reduction in Screen Glare Fatigue

Screen glare on an iPad

You will know the irritating problem of glare affecting your ability as to what you can see on a computer screen.

Glare is the reflection of light off a computer screen that makes it hard to see the information you are trying to look at on a digital monitor.

Glare is caused when light bounces off the shiny surface of digital screen. This light that bounces off the screen can come from both indoor lights in a room (overhead lights, desk lamps) or from natural sunlight.

By wearing a pair of computer glasses with anti-glare properties built into the lenses helps to reduce the eye strain and fatigue caused by looking at glare coming off computer screens.

4. Reduction in Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is also known as computer vision syndrome and has multiple symptoms associated to it. These symptoms of computer vision syndrome include; headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, red eyes and just overall tired eyes.

Computer glasses are one easy method that is a simple, effective tool to help manage the negative effects of staring at a computer screen that can lead to different levels of digital eye strain.

We have shared different ways to help reduce your blue light exposure and we feel that wearing a pair of our BluLite computer glasses is just one simple method to help you in managing your blue light exposure.

5. Improvement in Your Productivity

When your body and brain is trying to deal with all the above mentioned disadvantages of looking at a computer screen then that will ultimately lead to you being less productive when trying to work on your computer.

You will be experiencing both a physical energy strain and mental stress and fatigue from the waste of your energy levels.

Using a computer glasses gives you the benefit of trying to combat the stress and fatigue that computer screen work is contributing to your work efficiency levels.

Final Thoughts

Child wearing a pair of BluLite computer glasses

Computer glasses that filter the amount of high energy blue light wavelengths that reach your the retinas of your eyes are a good thing.

There are multiple beneficial effects from wearing computer glasses when looking at a computer screen. We feel these positive effects that come from computer glasses will benefit both adults and children during their computer work time.

We recommend you also look at our easy to follow guide to know what to look for when buying computer glasses online or instore.

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