Do Blue Light Glasses Block Fluorescent Lights?

Yes and no will be the answer to if blue light glasses help block fluorescent light, it depends which type of lens you wear.

We explain more below with solutions.

Fluorescent lights in an office ceiling

When it comes to blue light many people talk only about blue light emitted from LED light sources. But, what about fluorescent lights and do blue light glasses block fluorescent lights?

What Are Fluorescent Lights?

Fluorescent lamps are low pressure mercury vapour gas discharge lamps that produce visible light around 438nm.

The 438nm range is in the middle of the blue light spectrum range and could be having a profound impact on our health.

What Are the Issues With Fluorescent Lights?

Fluorescent lights have three issues with them. They flicker, they contain HEV blue light and they contain mercury

1. Flicker

When fluorescent lights flicker they can cause digital eye strain. If you work under fluorescent lights then you may experience headaches, dry eyes, nausea or trouble sleeping later in the day. The more sensitive we are to this blue light it may trigger migraines or increase stress levels.

By wearing a pair of yellow SummerGlo lenses from BLUblox when under artificial fluorescent blue light, you remove 100% of the 438nm spike in blue light that is flickering. This helps reduce digital eye strain and migraines.

2. HEV Blue Light Content

LED lights peak blue light transmission is around 440 - 460nm. This spike in blue light can disrupt sleep when seen after sunset or may cause digital eyestrain or headaches when exposed to during the daytime. The blue light spike in fluorescent lights peaks at 438nm and is more pronounced than the blue light found in LED lights.

Therefore, when you work under fluorescent lights, for example in a hospital or warehouse you should opt for more blue light protection than clear computer glasses can offer you.

The best blue light glasses for working under fluorescent lamps in hospital, or warehouses, are SummerGlo blue light glasses.

Wearing computer glasses under fluorescent lighting may not be enough to protect yourself from the 438nm spike. The best blue light glasses to wear under fluorescent lights would be ones with a yellow tint that completely eradicated the HEV blue light present.

3. Mercury Content

Dr. Wunsch from Germany is a leading specialist on blue light.

Dr. Wunsch has created a theory called Mercury Resonance Theory. This theory suggests that blue light can impact the activity of mercury in the body.

For example, if you have high mercury levels in your body from high consumption of fish, surgical metal or dental fillings you can excite this mercury and make it active by being under blue light from a fluorescent lamp.

If you have high levels of mercury in your body it would be best to wear a pair of blue light glasses such as SummerGlo that stops 100% of the 438nm spike in blue light that seems to activate mercury in the body.

Which Blue Light Glasses Block Fluorescent Light?

If you wear computer blue light glasses with a clear lens under fluorescent lights then you probably won’t get the most benefit.

The best results would be to wear the best blue light glasses for during the day which are SummerGlo.

The best blue light glasses to block fluorescent light after sunset would be Sleep+ from BLUblox. The yellow lenses during the day and red lenses after dark ensured you have the best blue light glasses both day and night to protect against the perils of fluorescent lights.

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