Do sleep masks really help to have a better sleep?

With millions of us looking for improved sleep we will look at any intervention that can help. Sleep masks are gaining popularity and have evolved a lot in the last few years as more science becomes available to how best to wear them. But do sleep masks really help us to have a better sleep? Better sleep from wearing a sleep mask will depend on a few different factors. Not all sleep masks are designed the same so it’s important to understand how a sleep mask can help you sleep better and what to look for when buying a good quality sleep mask.

 REMedy sleep mask

Total Darkness

Total darkness is the most optimal light environment for better sleep. A study released in 2018 showed that just one night of blue light exposure decreased sleep quality and actually increased insulin resistance in participants.

Better sleep comes from complete black out and the best way to have better sleep is to wear a 100% light blocking sleep mask.

The issue with many sleep masks is when you wear them they still allow light to pass through the sides and from above or around the nose area. Still allowing some light to pass through your sleep mask will not help you have better sleep. Better sleep from wearing a sleep mask comes from the sleep mask blocking 100% of light. The best sleep mask for this is REMedy

The sleep foundation released a super important set of results which showed that by wearing a sleep mask with ear plugs improved REM sleep. REM sleep is the sleep me need to dream and to store memories. It's so important for our health and wearing a good quality sleep mask is an easy and cheap way to get healthier sleep.

For the best results in improving REM sleep one must wear a 100% black out sleep mask. REMedy sleep mask is the best sleep mask for improving REM sleep.

 Night time

Less eye pressure means better sleep

Many sleep masks will not help improve your sleep as they uncomfortable to wear. Many cheap sleep masks place pressure on our eyes as we sleep. Having pressure on our eyes when we sleep can lead to issues such as glaucoma later in life to its important to choose a sleep mask that delivers zero eye pressure. This aside, having a firm pressure on your eyes whilst you sleep has been shown to disrupt sleep, wearing the wrong sleep mask can negatively impact your sleep. So avoid cheap sleep masks for better sleep. REMedy sleep mask has adjustable eye cups which place zero pressure on your eyes whilst you sleep. Do sleep masks help you get better sleep? If they lace zero eye pressure and delivery 100% total darkness then the answer is yes. If they let light in and place pressure on your eyes then sleep masks will not help improve your sleep.

Better Sleep

Better sleep when travelling

Many people think black out curtains are better than a sleep mask for improving sleep. Black out curtains do not help with light inside your bedroom and also cannot be taken with you when travelling. Wearing a sleep mask when you are travelling is a great way to get better sleep. There is a lot of sleep disrupting blue light on airplanes which increases our risk of jet lag. By wearing the best sleep mask you can block 100% of sleep disrupting blue light on an aircraft and get good quality sleep. This will help fight against jet lag and this sleep mask will help you sleep better.


When you land from your flight and check into your hotel you will often be greeted by a room that does not deliver total darkness. This is where using a sleep mask will help improve your sleep. By putting on the REMedy sleep mask as your lay down to sleep you will be drifting off into the best sleep you have ever had in no time at all.

 Better sleep while travelling

Final Thoughts

Studies have clearly shown that wearing a sleep mask really do help with better sleep. However, it’s not as simple as choosing any sleep mask and getting better sleep. It’s very clear you need 100% light blocking and zero eye pressure from your sleep mask. The best sleep mask for better sleep is REMedy sleep mask. Use code REMEDY15 for 15% off your REMedy sleep mask which can be purchased here.

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REMedy sleep mask 

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