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Blue and Green light after dark negatively influences are sleep quality, duration and ability to fall asleep (see here). However what emits blue and green light in our homes and outside the home?

I decided to write this blog as a common question that is raised to me is why I should purchase a pair of blue blocking glasses to wear after dark when I can just installed free software to my computer and smart phone like f.lux.



Released in 2008, f.lux is a cross-platform computer program that adjusts a computer’s display colour temperature according to location and time of day. The program was designed to reduce eye strain during night-time use and reduce disruption of sleep patterns. 

That is does and f.lux is a fantastic tool to use to help reduce exposure from blue and green light after dark depending on latitude and time of the day. F.lux will help reduce disruption of sleep patterns as long as you are not exposed to blue and green light from elsewhere. It seems you have two options, use f.lux and eradicate all other sources of blue and green light in your home, possible yet impractical for most of us. Or, you can utilise blue and green light blocking glasses (see here).


What emits blue and green light after dark in the home?

The list is actually longer than you think. Some devises emit more than others. The main offenders in your home are LED back lit TV screens and LED/Fluorescence house lights.

House lights are great, a flick of the switch and we can light a room, making it practical to cook, no need for a fire in the house for light and allows us to stay up later if required.

However, these types of lights give off incredible amounts of blue light, the key trigger in suppressing sleep hormones and disrupting our sleep patterns. Lighting from overhead is the worst type of lighting; I utilise lamps in the home as not to expose myself to blue light from above. The other option you have is switch your light bulbs from white to red. However many of us do not wish to give the appearance of living in a brothel, imagine some of the knocks at your door! Jokes aside this is a viable option but not practical for all.

Wear your blue blockers to block this intense form of blue light. 

Its all very well hammering out some later night work on your f.lux lit laptop but do you want to work sat in complete darkness? Didn't think so.




Another one of the main offenders in pumping out blue and green light into our homes are LED televisions. Back lit LED screens give out more blue light than any appliance in our homes. Either switch off the TV or stick on your powerful Ultra550 Maze blue blockers to eradicate all blue and green from your set! You do not need to give up the Real Housewives of Wherever with BLUblox blue and green light blocking glasses.




How about working on your f.lux lit laptop with the lights turned off but you don’t have black out blinds? Blue light from fluorescent street lighting will filter through those pesky little gaps in your curtains and enter your eye, suppressing melatonin production in the pineal gland. Better purchase some 100% black out curtains for every room in your house, or just wear some blue blockers prior to bed and a silk eye mask when its time to head off to Bedfordshire, a much better investment. 

The most serious of biohackers amongst us will block all blue light and remove any devise that emits blue light from our homes. Those who wish to operate as most of society does and not hunt and kill their food, throw it on an open fire and sleep under the stars in a remote field every night (the dream for some including me) will need to block blue and green light.

The following devises will emit blue light so either throw them out or throw on the BLUblox blue green blockers stat!

  • Fridge

  • Freezer

  • Dishwasher

  • Miscrowave

  • Oven

  • Washing Machine

  • Digital alarm clock

  • House alarm

  • Cable TV box

  • DVD player

  • Smart Phone

  • Tablets

  • Some Toys


I have probably missed loads but you get the idea.


Final Thoughts

f.lux is a great application to reduce exposure to blue and green light from some digital devises. Note the word “reduce”. F.lux does not eradicate blue light from your environment. Either eliminate it all or you are wasting your time. Its like eating one healthy meal and all other meals junk and thinking you are doing healthy eating right. The same is true for light, just because you block one source and expose yourself to it from other sources renders the application useless.

Make sure you pair amazing applications like F.lux with BLUblox blue blockers to achieve optimal benefits.


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