How computer glasses work

The way that computer glasses work is by filtering down high energy visible blue light that is emitted from computer screens. This then protects your eyes from the effects of blue light which includes headaches, sore eyes, tired eyes and migraines.

 Digital eye strain

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses are glasses one would wear when working at a computer. They have a clear lens and typically filter down visible blue light between 5-30% depending on which pair of computer glasses you buy. Most computer glasses filter out green or violet light which is not emitted in great quantities from computer screens which makes them not work very well at managing headaches and digital eyestrain. Digital eyestrain is a term used to describe having sore, water or tired eyes after using a computer for long periods without computer glasses.


Is blue light bad for me?

Blue light from the sun is a good source of blue light, it makes us feel alert and awake, just what we need during the daytime.


Blue light from artificial sources like your computer screen, smart phone and office/house lighting causes digital eyestrain and can disrupt your sleep. By wearing a good quality pair of blue light glasses, you can reduce the symptoms of digital eyestrain and have happier eyes.

 happy eyes

How computer glasses can help?

Computer glasses can help beat digital eyestrain by filtering blue light emitted from digital devices such as your computer screen. By reducing our exposure to blue light by wearing the best computer glasses we can reduce sore eyes, headaches and migraines. Computer glasses are gaining popularity as the more people who are trying them are reporting positive results. A lot of leading health and wellness leaders wear computer glasses that help reduce blue light from computers.

 BluLite Lens report

The best computer glasses

There are lots of blue light glasses available to buy, as well as computer glasses. What makes a good pair of computer glasses? Well, simply put a pair that filters blue light. Surprisingly many do not filter blue light, they filter violet and green light which won’t help you with digital eyestrain and headaches when using a computer. The best way to test your computer glasses is to see what colour light they reflect when you hold them up to an artificial light source.

Check out our blog on How to test your Blue Light glasses.

If the colour reflected back is anything but blue light then your computer glasses are not working and you will need to look at a pair that filters blue light.


BLUblox BluLite computer glasses filter blue light across the entire blue light spectrum which means you get the best computer glasses that work. These computer glasses reflect blue light which can help beat digital eyestrain and help you sleep later in the evening.


Cheap blue light glasses filter the wrong light, remember, they are called blue light glasses, so make sure your computer glasses are managing blue light, not purple or green light. This way you will know you have the best computer glasses.

 Best Blue light computer glasses


The takeaways from this article are:

  1. Computer glasses work by filtering blue light from digital devices. This helps alleviate symptoms of digital eyestrain
  2. Cheap computer glasses filter the wrong type of light, typically purple (violet) and green light. Avoid these
  3. You can test your computer glasses to see if they are working, click here to read more on testing computer glasses
  4. The best computer glasses filter blue light. BLUblox BluLite Computer glasses filter blue light across the entire blue light spectrum.


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