How do I know if I need glasses for computer use?

When you work at a computer for a long time like many people do in office work you can suffer from digital eyestrain. Digital eyestrain usually means you will have dry and store eyes and even a headache when you use a computer for a long period of time. Excess computer work can also lead to computer vision syndrome, migraines and even macular degeneration over time.


What causes digital eyestrain?

We know that working on a computer leads to digital eyestrain but what causes digital eyestrain? The Mayo Clinic in the USA has stated that excess blue light from computer screens is what is leading to the epidemic of digital eyestrain. The LED blue light that is present in computers is high in energy and causes damage to the cells in our eyes which causes the sore eyes and blurred vision we can experience when using a computer. The headache side of digital eyestrain is caused by flicker. Flicker is something that has recently been discovered in computers, smart phones and office lighting. Flicker is invisible to the naked eye but when you film your computer screen using your smart phone in slow motion mode you will see the screen flickering. Your brain then has to work harder to make sense of the images and the overworked brain can lead to a sore head after working at a computer for long periods.


What Are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are spectacles that filter the harmful blue light emitted from computers, smart phones and tablets. Blue light leads to digital eyestrain and macular degeneration so it is important to reduce down the amount of blue light that passed through our retina. Computer glasses do this as they have a blue light filtering coat in the lenses which reduces blue light, glare and help beat digital eyestrain.


Computer glasses often have a clear or pale yellow lens and are not to be confused with blue light blocking glasses which have an orange, amber or red lens and used for improving sleep.

 Computer glasses

Why Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses come in an array of options. If you have short-sighted or long-sightedness you can purchase computer glasses with a single vision prescription. If you have both short-sightedness and long-sightedness you can get computer glasses with both of these scripts in, these are often called multifocal, progressive or bi-focal computer glasses. If you just need reading glasses with a magnification you can get blue light computer glasses with magnification in. For example, +2.00 or +1.50.


Computer glasses are not just for those with eyesight issues, they are a great tool to use in preventing both digital eyestrain and macular degeneration. These computer glasses come with no prescription in them and are called non-prescription computer glasses. All these types of computer glasses filter blue light and protect your eyes from computer screens and the damage they may cause.


How to Wear Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are to be worn when working on a computer during the day or during the evening. You put your computer glasses on whilst your computer is booting up and wear them anytime you are in front of a screen. The computer glasses work by filtering down the blue light from your computer screens leaving your eyes feeling happy and refreshed after using your computer.


Natural light from the sun is beneficial to us so when we go outside it’s important not to wear computer glasses.


You do not have to wear computer glasses if you are not working at an LED back lit digital device.


You can wear computer glasses in the evenings to help with digital eyestrain but computer glasses will not improve sleep. For improving sleep, you need an amber or red lens pair of blue light blocking glasses such as Sleep+

 Sleep+ Glasses

How to Choose the Best Computer Glasses 

When choosing the best computer glasses you need to know a few key points on what makes the best computer glasses.


If you already own a pair of computer glasses and want to test your pair of computer glasses to see if they work optimally you can do this by using this article; How to Test Blue Light Glasses


Computer glasses must filter blue light. Most cheap brands buy their lenses from China and these lenses only filter violet or green light which isn’t present in computer screens in any noticeable degree, see below image of what light is present in computer screens.


LED light analysis


BLUblox computer glasses use our own BluLite technology which filters blue light across the whole blue light spectrum. These computer glasses are optimal as they target blue light that has been shown by Harvard Health to lead to digital eyestrain.


Computer glasses also need to have a clear or pale-yellow lens. If your computer glasses have a red or orange lens then these are not computer glasses, they are blue light blocking glasses and are best used for improving your sleep.


Choose a pair of computer glasses that are made under optical laboratory conditions. Many cheap brands of computer glasses are acquired from China and made in dirty factories with no quality control. The best computer glasses are made in laboratories. BLUblox computer glasses are all made in an optics lab in Australia and have a three-point quality control check process to ensure they are filtering blue light from computers in line with the latest science.


Computer Glasses

For more information about computer glasses and the science behind blue light visit our Learn Page

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