How do Migraine Glasses Provide Relief?

I write this article as a long-term sufferer of migraines. Ever since I was 14 I experienced severe migraines throughout my life. Often these migraines were intense and lasted several days. Their frequencies were often quarterly, one severe migraine every three months!

I wanted to write this article on how migraine glasses provide relief because I have not had a migraine in 2 years and I owe it all to migraine glasses and managing blue light.

Millions of people each year suffer from migraines and take medication to ease the pain. However, prevention is better than treatment and by managing blue light effectively we can beat migraines.

In this article I explore how these headache glasses work, the benefits of glasses for migraines and with the help of migraine glasses how we can beat migraines for good.

All the glasses in the BLUblox collection can be used to combat migraines, but the best anti-migraine glasses from BLUblox are SummerGlo blue light glasses during the daytime and Sleep+ blue light blocking glasses for after sunset.


Benefits of Migraine Glasses from the Academic Literature

Glasses for migraines work by eliminating glare, lux and filtering or blocking blue light at specific times of the day. High energy blue light seems to be a trigger for migraines and it makes sense as people have been using rose-tinted glasses for migraines for many years with some success.

The range of light that seems to impact migraines is between 400nm and 450nm. This is the lower to middle range of the blue light spectrum. BLUblox SummerGlo glasses target this range of light by blocking 100% of it. This is why BLUblox SummerGlo lenses have become the ultimate tool in beating migraines. These tinted-glasses for migraines work by eliminating the frequencies of light associated with migraine triggers.

By reducing the strain our eyes get each day from blue light emitted from digital devices, migraine glasses reduce the stress triggers and allow us to manage migraine frequency or severity.

What computer glasses do is eliminate glare from your computer screen. BLUblox BluLite Computer glasses are the best blue light glasses for combatting glare from your computer screen.

To reduce migraines down even further it’s also essential to get lots of natural light during the day as well. The red light present in sun light will help reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain by repairing the damage the blue light has caused.

Intensity of light is another factor, so make sure you turn down the brightness on your screens and use anti-migraine glasses or computer glasses to help as well. Light sensitivity is a thing and it’s the main cause of migraines.

Migraine glasses help reduce the frequencies of migraines, makes you less sensitivity to blue light and also helps combat digital eye strain.

How Migraine Glasses Beat Light Sensitivity

Migraine glasses work due to the type of lens filter they use. BLUblox SummerGlo glasses have been designed to target the exact frequencies of blue light that trigger migraines. By blocking blue light in this range, the user will ensure their light sensitivity improves and they will get less migraines.

The lens filter on these glasses is so beneficial many people that use the SummerGlo glasses or the BluLite computer glasses also report major improvements to digital eyestrain, light sensitivity, less soreness to their eyes and less migraine episodes.

In today’s world we are exposed more than ever to blue light that is causing migraines. Having two evidence backed options from BLUblox is making a huge difference in people able to be happier, healthier and more productive.

Some people ask this very important question, do migraine light sensitivity glasses have any negative impact? This is an excellent question and studies have shown us that these migraine glasses are completely safe to wear indoors and not come with any adverse side effects. In fact, you will see a positive difference in just one use.

BLUblox glasses and how they combat digital eye strain

You now know how tinted lenses for migraines work and you need to figure what brand and type of glasses you should choose.

You need to make sure you choose a brand backed by science. Do not waste your money on a cheap pair of blue light glasses that won’t do anything to help your migraines and digital eyestrain because they often target the wrong frequencies of light.

The blue light filtering technology we use will provide crystal clear vision whilst filtering the specific frequencies of light associated with migraines.

If you are a frequent migraine sufferer opt for the SummerGlo lenses as they target more of the migraine causing blue light than our BluLite computer glasses. If you just get headaches, digital eyestrain and the occasional migraine then you will be fine utilising our BluLite computer glasses. These anti-glare glasses help beat digital eyestrain and migraines by reducing both blue light and glare

Opt for quality frames as well, our frames are made from premium acetate or metal depending on your reference and our lenses are manufactured in Australia under optics lab conditions

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  1. avatar Corrina says:

    I bought the computer glasses, Summer Glo and Sleep+ mainly because I suffer from Migraines. I have been using all of the glasses for around 2 months. I would get a debilitating migraine every 2 weeks. They have been reduced to just over 3 weeks. Still not optimal (which is none) but an improvement is better than other things I have tried (and I have tried a lot)

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