How to Choose Blue Light Glasses for Kids?

As I write this article amidst a global pandemic we are all being forced inside and exposed to more blue light than ever before. When I was learning at school it was all blackboards and books. In today’s society learning for kids now involves screens. Leisure time in my youth was spent mostly outside whereas today down time is computer games and scrolling through social media. The issue with this is that both down time and learning time is ablaze with blue light and this blue light may be damaging our kid’s eyes and development.


Blue Light and Kid’s


Blue light is high energy visible light that is found in pretty much anything that contains an LED. Think; smart phones, tablets, computers, TVs, house lights. This blue light has been shown in studies to damage our eyes and lead to digital eyestrain and macular degeneration. Studies have found that kids are far more vulnerable to blue light than adults and can impact their development and learning if not addressed. Disorders such as ADHD are on the rise which in some studies has been linked to excessive blue light exposure. Blue light’s high energy characteristics and volatile nature means that it can cause damage at a cellular level and must be reduced in order to minimise potential risks to eye health.


On a circadian level, blue light after sunset tells our brains that its daytime and to minimise sleep hormone production, according to Harvard Health and other studies. Exposure to blue light after sunset is damaging our children’s sleep and sleep is the corner stone to optimal learning and cognition.

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Choosing Blue Light Glasses for Kids


This is a fairly straight forward process which is good news if you are reading this. The best blue light glasses for kids for use during the day are BluLite Computer glasses from BLUblox. These clear lens computer glasses filter down harmful blue light protecting your child’s eyes from the dangers of blue light. These glasses can be worn in class or at home when using technology. These computer glasses for kids will give you peace of mind that your kid’s eyes are protected from blue light during the daytime.

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It is a different type of blue light blocking glasses that are needed after sunset for your child. Sleep+ glasses from BLUblox should be worn after sunset in order to block 100% of blue light and most green light. These types of lights have to be blocked in their entirety after sunset as they will disrupt your child’s sleep. Let’s face it you have probably had years of disrupted sleep raising a young child and now you can sleep as well as your child if you have them blocking blue light after sunset. Just have your kids wear a pair of BLUblox kids blue light blocking glasses (Sleep+) after sunset and they will sleep better than ever before after just one use.

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The benefits of great quality restorative sleep have been proven and these include better cognition, more focus and better memory. These are all amazing benefits for your child to ensure they get the best start in life and maximise their potential.


The types of light your child is learning under may be hindering their abilities so choosing the right pair of blue light blocking glasses for them is essential. The best blue light blocking glasses for kids are made in Australia. BLUblox have the best blue light glasses for kid’s that are backed by science and endorsed by medical professionals around the world. If you are looking to choose the best blue light glasses for your kids make sure you choose ones backed by science.


Not all kids’ blue light glasses are created equal which means you have to be careful when choosing which company to buy blue light glasses from. Many clear kids’ computer glasses from amazon, eBay or cheaper brands will not filter the correct frequencies of blue light and may even damage your kids’ eyes. When choosing the best computer glasses ensure they filter blue light. You can test your blue light glasses here to make sure they are doing what they should.


Kids are our future and we want the best for them, including the best blue light glasses for kids.


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