How to Choose the Best Sleep Mask

If you are reading this article it is clear you are not happy with your current sleep mask. Rightly so, as finding the best sleep mask is not an easy process. The best way to choose the best sleep mask is to look at the science behind what makes a good sleep mask.


When choosing the best sleep mask there are a few factors to consider and before we look into these why is it important to wear a sleep mask whilst sleeping?


Blue Light and Sleep


Many articles have shown a link between blue light exposure before bedtime which poor sleep quality and quantity. What is not so well known is that blue light whilst you sleep has also been shown to disrupt sleep quality and even disrupt hormones. One of those hormones is insulin, which influences weight gain.


In 2018 a study was released that showed that just one night of blue light exposure causes can increase in insulin resistance.


Twenty healthy adults ages 18 to 40 were randomized into Dark-Dark or Dark-Light groups and run in parallel for a three day and two-night stay. Participants had eight hours of sleep opportunity each night starting at habitual bedtime determined from one week of actigraphy with sleep diary. The Dark-Light group slept in the dark < 3 lux on Night 1 and slept in overhead room light of 100 lux on Night 2, while the Dark-Dark group slept in the dark <3 lux on both Nights 1 and 2.

To put this into perspective street lamps give off at least 100 lux and if you do not have black out curtains this level of lux is shining into your room whilst you sleep. This is a common problem and also, if you or your partner gets up to use the bathroom in the night you will also be exposed to even higher levels of lux which will cause insulin resistance.

Results showed that a single night of light exposure during sleep acutely impacts measures of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the diminished ability of cells to respond to insulin action transporting glucose out of the bloodstream and precedes the development of type 2 diabetes.

When blue light hits our closed eyes when we sleep we can also experience come degree of melatonin suppression. Not good for sleep quality and optimal autophagy and apoptosis.

Blue light sources whilst we sleep can be as follows:

  • Neighbours lights
  • Security lights
  • Car headlights
  • Street lamps
  • Smart phone, appliances
  • Alarm clocks
  • Bathroom visits

100% blackout sleep mask

If you want to optimise your sleep then you need the best sleep mask. The best sleep mask will be one that blocks 100% of light from hitting your closed eyes whilst you sleep. Most sleep masks like the ones below do not block anywhere near 100% of light, rendering them a poor choice when trying to find the best sleep mask. These masks let is light around the nose and from the top, not good if you want a sleep mask to help you sleep better.


100% black out sleep mask


The REMedy sleep mask is the only true 100% light blocking sleep mask. This sleep mask has adjustable eye cups that mean everyone can experience 100% light bocking whilst they sleep. This makes REMedy sleep mask the best sleep mask for improving sleep.


Eye pressure


Another issue with regular sleeping masks is the pressure they place on your eyes. Regular silk or cheap sleep masks apply too much pressure to our eyes when we sleep. Studies have shown that long term pressure on your eyes can lead to diseases like glaucoma.

100% darkness sleep mask


If you have long eye lashes regular sleep masks will feel uncomfortable which may disrupt your sleep and also damage your eye lashes.


The REMedy sleep mask’s adjustable eye cups are hollow inside which means zero eye pressure. The masks REMedy sleep mask the best sleep mask as zero eye pressure means better sleep and less risk of eye pressure related diseases later in life.


The Best Sleep Mask


REMedy is a far superior sleep mask to its competitors. Zero eye pressure and 100% blackout is guaranteed. This makes REMedy sleep mask the best sleep mask available. You get what you pay for and if you buy a cheap sleep mask that does not block 100% of light and places unnecessary pressure on your eyes you will not get optimal benefits and may even damage your health in the process.

 best sleep mask australia

This is why REMedy is endorsed by professional athletes and doctors around the world. Reviews on REMedy sleep mask can be found below which will show why it is the best sleep mask that achieves 100% darkness.

A good sleep mask can also give your more REM sleep. REM sleep is how memories are processed. Want a better memory, then do not leave it to chance, opt for the world’s best sleep mask, your sleep and health will thank you.


Australia’s best sleep mask can be found here

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