How to Reduce Your Blue Light Exposure

Artificial blue light wavelengths disrupt our bodies in many ways. In fact, we are probably living in a junk light epidemic and it is only getting worse over time.

Going on Netflix binges, video gaming late into evening, or getting stuck spending long hours staring at your screen for work purposes, means this article is for you!

Whatever your reason for extensive exposure to artificial blue light, you need to try reduce your exposure time. Continue reading to find out how to block blue light and reduce your exposure to artificial blue light.

Top 7 Ways to Help Reduce Blue Light Exposure

Let’s be frank; it’s nearly impossible to figure out how to reverse blue light damage because we aren’t even sure how much damage it’s really causing yet. So, our best bet is to reduce the amount of blue light we expose ourselves too as much as is possible.

Unless you have figured out how to move to some planet without electronic devices, you are stuck in our technological world and cannot avoid technological gadgets and tools.

What you can do is apply practical ways to protect yourself from this light damage to your eyes.

1. Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Woman wearing blue light glasses from BLUblox

Blue light glasses help to reduce the amount of blue light exposed to your eyes. So if you are constantly exposed to computer screens or stuck indoors under LED lights, then this one is not even up for discussion.

You need to invest in a good pair of blue light glasses right away, but also know when you need to use the different types of blue light glass lenses.

2. Reduce Your Screen Time

Laptop on a desk

Reducing how much time you are exposed to devices emitting blue light is a good habit. We know, Netflixing never ends, but as sad as this might be, if you already spend a lot of time working on your devices, some extra time streaming videos might not be the best thing for you.

If you’re not working, you can choose to look into your device less. Make this a conscious effort, as it’s a pretty challenging thing to accomplish without set goals.

You can also turn off blue lights on your computer screen. While this only takes care of one source of light, it’s a good start.

3. Use a Blue Light Filter App on Your Phone

Red filter on iPhone screen

This is not as solid a solution, but if you really can’t stay away from the screen, especially at night, then you can try downloading a blue light filter app onto your cellphone. There are several apps for Android users that will filter your screen and protect you from the screen glare, reducing eye fatigue.

For iPhone users we have a better way to help turn your iPhone screen red to reduce blue light.

A disclaimer, though; there’s no guarantee that these actually do what they claim to do, but it’s definitely worth the try.

4. Use Blue Light Software on Your Computer or Laptop

Iris Tech blue light filter software for computers

You can use blue light filtering software on either a Windows or Mac computer to help reduce the amount fo blue light emitted from the laptop screens.

We got a handy step by step tutorial on how to reduce the blue light on either operating system.

5. Get Outside in The Natural Sunlight

Sun shining through a persons hand

Start your day by getting outside in the morning light to let your brain set your body clock. Then make sure you get outside for some full spectrum natural light during the day too. The blue light wavelengths in sunlight are good to help let your brain maintain an optimal circadian rhythm and produce the right hormones at the right time of day.

6. Reduce Blue Light in Your Bedroom

Woman struggling to sleep at night

The apps on our cellphones are designed to be addictive and keep your attention. Setting a rule that the phone stays outside the bedroom means no checking emails just before bed. Also you aren't going to be stuck scrolling social media apps like Facebook and Instagram and missing your natural bedtime routine.

We would also recommend using a good sleep mask like our REMedy sleep mask to help block blue light when you are sleeping.

7. Use Blue Light Filtering Light Bulbs

Lumi Light bulbs from BLUblox

LED and fluorescent bulbs emit high energy visible (a.k.a HEV) blue light wavelengths. This is also known as artificial light at night (a.k.a ALAN) and is something you can tackle by installing light bulbs that emit less blue light and ideally are also flicker free. We have that option from our online store with our Lumi Light Bulb range.

Final Thoughts 

Unfortunately, the modern world means we are all being exposed to more and more sources of high energy visible light in the blue light wavelength spectrum. However, we can follow simple steps to reduce this exposure and strike a balance of living in the modern world, but not at the detriment of our circadian biology health.

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