How to Turn Off Blue Light on Computer?

How to turn off blue light on computer

According to Harvard Health blue light is disrupting your sleep and damaging your eyes. Therefore, it’s important to limit it from artificial light sources throughout the day and evening.

Blue light from your computer is one of the biggest sources of blue light so turning off blue light on your computer is a good first step in winning the war against blue light. Remember though, blue light is not just present in your computer, it’s in fridge lights, house and office lights, smart phones and car headlights as a few examples.

There are a few ways to turn off blue light on the computer, these can be broken down into the following:

  1. Windows – Computer/Laptop
  2. Mac
  3. F.lux
  4. Iris Tech


How to turn off blue light on computer/laptops


Step 1

Open the Start Menu

Step 2

Click the gear icon to load the settings menu

Step 3

Choose “System”


Step 4

Choose “Display”


Step 5

Click the Night Light switch to the ON position


Step 6

Click “Night Light Settings” to adjust the amount of blue displayed and also to choose the time period for the reduced blue light to be on for


How to turn off blue light on Mac

Step 1

Click on the Apple icon in the top left-hand side of your screen

Step 2

Click “System Preferences”


Step 3

Select “Displays”


Step 4

Toggle over the “Night Shift” button


Step 5

Click the box adjacent to “Turn On Until Tomorrow”. This turns off the blue light



Another good option is F.lux. This is a piece of software you can download to turn off blue light from your computer or MAC. At BLUblox we like F.lux as you can set it to your time zone and have blue light change throughout the day/night to mimic the sun.

You can download F.lux below:


Iris Tech

Iris Tech is BLUblox preferred software to turn off blue light from your computer. Iris not only eliminates or reduces blue light from your computer it also eradicates flicker. Flicker could cause nervous system damage and also migraine headaches so it’s essential to have flicker removed as well. You can download Iris below for a small fee:


Final thoughts

In this article we have shown you 4 ways to turn off blue light from your computer and MAC. Whilst this is a great start in beating the dangers of blue light we must remember that blue light is present everywhere so computer glasses or blue light glasses are needed to give all round protection. If you are to opt for one method to turn off blue light from computers then make it Iris Tech, the small fee aside its great as not only does it turn off blue light from your computer is eliminates flicker.

Also, ensure you do not fully turn off blue light from your computer during the day as at this time our body clocks need some blue light to be optimal.

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One thought on “How to Turn Off Blue Light on Computer?

  1. avatar Sarah says:

    I just downloaded the latest OS update (macOSCatalina 10.15.4) for my MacBook, a couple of days ago. The box where you have shown it says “turn off until tomorrow” in the Display settings, says “turn off until later today” on my screen – turning off until tomorrow is not an option at this point. Just a head’s up :) Maybe it has something to do with I’m in the US and you guys aren’t. I re-enabled Flux instead.

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