How Your Phone Screen Can Lead To Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity

Cancer, diabetes and obesity are all modern day mismatch diseases. We develop these diseases of civilization because the environments we live in are often not what we have evolved to live in. Ancestrally speaking we would have lived in small communities in temporary dwellings and lived the majority of our lives outdoors. The first real problems are humanity came at the dawn of the agricultural revolution which enabled us to keep and rear livestock for food. What this meant for civilization is we could set up permanent settlements and not have to hunt and gather as much. As we became closer to animals diseases were transmitted from animals to humans and diseases such as smallpox developed.




The human physiological system is governed by water, light and magnetism. If all three of these factors are aligned in one’s environment we will be on the path to optimal wellness.


The issue we face today is our current environments are riddled with disruptions that unbalance water, light and magnesium. Our water sources are contaminated with more poisons than a Russian hitman’s tool box and the majority of our bottled spring water is loaded with shards of microscopic plastics. Our night skies are polluted with artificial light and we no longer have actual darkness anymore. Magnetism is effected in so much as we do not and cannot connect to the earth anymore, we live in high rise apartments and wear shoes. We sleep on a bed and have WIFI in our homes that disrupts are magnetic fields.




The light part of this conundrum is what Segway’s us into how the screens of smart phones are causing cancer, diabetes and obesity. Smart phones are probably the most widely and often used of the digital devices. The screens on our smart phones give out intense blue light. Apple recently brought out “Night Shift Mode” which is supposed to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from such devices. However, a recent study was released showing that this mode did not change melatonin suppression and did not improve sleep.



 What blue light does is it suppresses melatonin from being secreted after dark. Melatonin can only be produced by the pineal gland in the absence of blue and green light after dark. If you are exposed to the blue light from your cell phone or any other source (tv, appliances, car head lights, shopping mall lights, tablets, lap tops etc) you will not make optimal melatonin and not sleep as well.


Let’s break down in laymen terms how the light from your phone screen is causing each disease.



When we sleep our body undergoes growth and repairs. Repair of faulty cells through autophagy is essential for making sure mutant cells do not turn into cancerous cells. Cell death is also another important process that occurs whilst we sleep and this is called apoptosis. When we sleep our bodies can clear out the faulty cells or repair them. Blue light emitted from your phone screens is causing lower quality and less sleep, this leads to a cleaning job akin to a hormonal teenager in your body. Faulty cells are not repaired or destroyed meaning they can become cancerous and spread throughout the body.


Diabetes and Obesity


The food gurus will have you believe that diabetes is caused from the ingestion of too many carbs. Whilst this is in essence a truth it does not explain why a diabetic is driven to consume refined carbohydrates and sugars. Lack of sleep caused by the blue light from your phone screen is disrupting your circadian rhythms. A disrupted circadian rhythm unsettles hormone production and timing of hormone release.


When we have poor sleep from a disrupted circadian rhythm we feel tired and seek out high energy foods such as those high in sugar and fat. Our ability to metabolize glucose becomes impaired as many studies have shown and our insulin clock genes begin to go haywire. Cortisol levels also go out of sync and we have elevated stress levels throughout the day which only heightens our cravings. The result of lack of sleep drives our brains to crave high energy foods and contain carbohydrates in the form of sugar or bread. It is then our drive to consume these foods that leads to diabetes, weight gain and eventually obesity. Blue light also causes mitochondria to not function optimally and they lose energy which causes weight gain. Excess energy from food is needed to help run the APT production which is adding to weight gain.


Prevention is better than cure


Blue light from our phone screens is causing poor sleep which is resulting in a dysfunctional circadian rhythm and hormone release. These factors are driving the increase in diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity. It’s not your fault if you are struggling to lose weight or overweight, it’s your environment. If you fix your environment you will get better as you will not crave the foods that lead to weight gain. Your dopamine levels will elevate meaning you won’t need to seek out dangerous disease causing processed foods.


As stated the Night Shift mode of Apple's iPhone does not improve melatonin production so we have to make sure we are protecting our eyes with blue blockers. Blue blockers after dark that block both blue and some green light as the literature shows both these colors after dark affects your sleep and health.


Morning sunlight exposure, without sunglasses will improve serotonin and dopamine production and allow for properly entrained circadian rhythms which will allow for better sleep and a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes and weight gain.


You do not need to drop the phone, technology is here to stay, just make sure you protect your eyes from the artificial blue light emitted from such digital devices or suffer the consequences of mismatch diseases later in life


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