Meet BLUblox

In the last blog post it was very clear that blue light after dark is causing poor sleep and a whole host of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and obesity. But what can we do to stop this from happening and improve our sleep?


Meet BLUblox


BLUblox is a global company that has a simple mission – improve people’s sleep and health simply and without medication.


BLUblox was founded to produce blue light blocking glasses to improve the sleep and health of everyone exposed to blue light after dark. Made in Australia our laboratory has developed a special lens tint that blocks all nasty sleep disrupting blue light. BLUblox night time blue blockers are simply worn for two to three hours before bed and have shown a 70% increase in melatonin production compared to people who do not wear them.

You simply wear them after sunset and take them off before you go to sleep, it’s that simple!



Our story

Here at BLUblox we are all about improving the sleep and health of millions of people in the world. Our goal is to make sure everyone has the information they need to protect themselves against harmful blue light after dark. We have taken the concept of cheap ugly blue light goggles and turned them into a high performance and fashionable accessory which will not only look good but drastically improve your sleep and health. The blue light glasses you can find on amazon and other sites do not block enough blue and green light so are practically useless and will not improve your sleep and health.

Our lenses have been built around the latest science from Harvard University and block the most blue light than any other blue light glasses you’ll find – 100%!

At BLUblox we love the personal touches like one-to-one personal email support, 24/7 answers to your questions on blue light and helping you select the right frame to suit your style. We have the best aftercare service around!

BLUblox has quickly become the world’s largest and most trusted site to lean about blue light and how to fix your sleep and health. Despite our growth and size we still offer that family feel and personal touches that make the difference. We look at each of our customers as personal friends and welcome each and every one of you into our family for support and advice.



Blue blockers for improved sleep

The last blog post showed, through Harvard University studies, that blue light blocker glasses improve sleep and health. You do not need to turn off your smart phones, TV or house lights to sleep better. You can still enjoy the TV and blog posts on your smart phone after dark. All you need is to block the blue light.

There only one type of lens for night time blue blockers - RED, don’t be fooled that yellow, clear and amber lenses block blue light, they don’t, and they only reduce some blue and green light which will not help your sleep.


Red lenses block blue light and green light. The Harvard studies show that some green light also suppresses melatonin which caused bad sleep and health. Red lenses suit people who stay up late, do a lot of screen work after dark, have sleep problems or would like to balance their hormones quicker to lose weight or reverse diabetes. They must also block 10% in the 400-550nm range!





If you have any questions about BLUblox or would simply like to learn more about us please drop us an email anytime to or feel free to browse our other educational pages on our website

 Thanks for reading about our mission!


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