What do computer screens look like with blue light glasses?

What do computer screens look like with blue light glasses?

If you haven’t worn blue light glasses before the thought of buying them may be daunting as changing colours will give you a different perspective on the world. This is why so many people ask the question “what do computer screens look like with blue light glasses.

In this short article we will examine what computer screens look like with blue light glasses across three lenses. These lenses are clear, yellow and red. Okay so now let’s answer the question what do computer screens look like with blue light glasses?

What do computer screens look like with Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are a form of blue light glasses that filter down blue light between 5-30%. These blue light glasses filter a small amount of blue light from passing through your eyes and reduce digital eyestrain, headaches and mild migraine’s. These are not blue light blocking glasses, they are computer glasses. They will not help you sleep but they will help you with digital eyestrain during the day from working at a desk job.

Not all computer glasses are made equal. Most popular brands filter only violet and blue light which doesn’t help digital eyestrain and can give you headaches. Always opt for a brand like BLUblox that filters only blue light and this will ensure you get the best computer glasses.

Computer glasses are popular because they do not distort colour perception a lot. The below images show what our computer screen looks like with BLUblox BluLite Computer glasses (filtering 30% of blue light) vs the control screen.

Left: Control Screen                             Right: BLUblox BluLite Glasses                                                                    

As you can see there is next to know difference in screen types allowing you to filter some blue light without distorting colours. The type of person who would benefit from computer glasses would be an office worker who suffers from dry eyes or headaches after being in front of a screen all day. The best computer glasses are BLUblox BluLite "blue light glasses" as they target the specific wavelengths of blue light that damage cells in the eyes.

What do computer screens look like with yellow blue light glasses?

Yellow blue light glasses are the next step up in protection against damaging blue light during the day. For example, BLUblox SummerGlo filters 50% of blue light which is better for people who have a sensitivity to blue light. A sensitivity to blue light may be shown in a person suffering migraine’s, severe headaches, stress, anxiety, fatigue or S.A.D. These people need extra blue light filtering during the day so they often opt for BLUblox SummerGlo blue light glasses.

SummerGlo lenses are also infused with colour therapy, meaning the yellow colour helps elevate mood which helps with conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression and S.A.D.

As you can see below from the images, SummerGlo blue light glasses not only blocks a good amount of blue light they also make everything appear brighter which lifts your mood. SummerGlo blue light glasses also protects against digital eyestrain and headaches.

Left: Control Screen                             Right: BLUblox SummerGlo Glasses  

What do computer screens look like with blue light glasses?

After sunset a pair of clear or yellow lens blue light glasses will not provide adequate protection against blue light and green light to help you sleep, read this article to find out why.

After sunset we must block all blue light and most green light which is 100% of light between 400nm to 550nm. This is only done by wearing BLUblox Sleep+ blue light blocking glasses after sunset. These blue light glasses not only help protect against digital eyestrain, headaches and migraines, they also protect melatonin, which is your sleep hormone. A deep amber or red lens blue light glasses is the only option. Computer glasses and yellow blue light glasses offer no protection to melatonin after sunset, so you will not see improvement to sleep. If you opt to wear clear blue light glasses after sunset because you do not like how the TV screen or your computer screen looks you will still be damaging your health. So, what do computer screens look like with blue light glasses? BLUblox Sleep+ lenses have been shown below.

  Left: Control Screen                             Right: BLUblox Sleep+ Glasses 

Remember, according to peer reviewed studies to improve sleep and lower risk of disease you have to block 100% of light between 400nm and 550nm, this is exactly what BLUblox Sleep+ glasses block. You may see lighter amber glasses on the market but these will be no help in improving your sleep.

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