How to Choose The Right Computer Glasses (5 Top Tips)

In this article I am going to provide some practical advice you need to know when looking to buy computer glasses online or instore.

Blocking blue light when working on computers and staring at digital screens is trending; this is why you are reading this article.

Unfortunately, with a trend comes a lot of glasses companies trying to persuade you to part with your money in exchange for their poor quality product.

But, what if I told you that most blue light blocking glasses companies do not have your best interests at heart and many are unfamiliar with the science behind blue light!

Whether you opt to purchase evidence backed blue light computer glasses from BLUblox or another brand is entirely up to you. At BLUblox we like to empower through education so you can make an informed choice when it comes to protecting your health using the best blue light blocking glasses.

BLUblox BluLite glasses

Top 5 Tips When Buying Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are blue light filtering glasses that have a clear lens. They are to be worn when working at a computer or under artificial light sources during the day.

Blue light computer glasses will not improve your sleep, they target filtration of artificial blue light which causes digital eye strain, headaches and macular degeneration.

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Below is a list of what to look for when buying blue light computer glasses:

  1. What colour does the lens reflect?
  2. What percentage of blue light does the lens filter?
  3. Where were the blue light computer glasses made?
  4. How stylish are the frames?
  5. What frequencies of blue light do the computer glasses filter?

Let us take a look at each of these individually.

1. What Colour Does the Lens Reflect?

When it comes to buying blue light computer glasses knowing what colour of light is being filtered is very important.

Blue light is emitted during the day from LED backlit digital devices such as your smartphone, computer, TV and office lights and damages your eyes to produce digital eye strain or macular degeneration.

These issues are caused by blue light, but many companies who sell blue light computer glasses target violet light. Violet light is not found in significant quantities in these devices meaning if your blue light computer glasses target violet light they are not going to provide optimal protection for you.

When you look at pictures of your chosen blue light glasses, if you have not purchased yet, or look at your current blue light glasses, what colour of light is reflected when you hold them up to an artificial light source? If the colour reflected is green light or violet light you know you do not have a good pair of blue light computer glasses.

If your blue light filtering glasses reflect blue light you are off to a good start which means you can be confident you are targeting the actual light found in digital back lit LED devices.

You can also read how to test your computer glasses in our article or watching this video.

BLUblox BluLite computer glasses filter blue light and are considered a great option for blue light computer glasses for daytime use.

2. What Percentage of Blue Light Does the Lens Filter?

This next piece of information is very important.

Knowing how much blue light is filtered is key to getting the best blue light computer glasses and important information to know when looking to buy blue light computer glasses.

Blue light is essential during the day, we need blue light to be optimal and active during the day. Therefore, more is not better when it comes to blue light management during the day. There is a sweet spot and that is around 30% of blue light filtration between 400nm and 495nm.

Our customer service department gets a lot of questions each day around why are blue light filtering computer glasses “only” filter 30% of blue light when other companies claim their clear blue light glasses block more blue light.

It all comes back to the important information above, more is not better in terms of blue light filtering during the day.

Our circadian rhythms need blue light during the day to optimise hormone production. If we filter too much blue light during the day we will damage our hormones and disrupt our body clocks.

Filtering out 30% of the blue light wavelength is the sweet spot for most. BluLite computer glasses from BLUblox filter 30% of the blue light spectrum. The 30% blue light filtered mark is the sweet spot for most computer glasses in terms of the what is the amount of blue light to filter when buying computer glasses.

BluLite lens

However, there is an exception.

Those who have light sensitivity issues would benefit from 50% filtration and colour therapy. This is where SummerGlo lenses option come in to play.

The yellow lenses on these blue light blocking glasses are great for people who suffer migraines, have anxiety or suffer from depression, during the day.

By targeting a little more blue light, whilst still leaving some blue light present to optimise hormones, SummerGlo lenses combine colour therapy with blue light blocking to created boost booster blue light blocking glasses.


SummerGlo lens


3. Where Were the Blue Light Computer Glasses Manufactured?

Where the glasses were manufactured will often be a good indicator of quality.

For example, most brands who sell cheap blue light blocking glasses have them mass produced in Chinese factories with next to know QC process. This means you will get exactly what you pay for, cheap materials, sub-standard lenses and often faulty frames.

BLUblox blue light computer glasses are manufactured under optical laboratory conditions with a three tiered quality control process.

The frames are made from the finest materials and the lenses used are premium optical grade, meaning sharpening of vision.

The other issue with mass produced blue light glasses in factories is the conformity of each lens. Many of the lenses will differ from the next meaning you may not be getting the same product as advertised.

Make sure you consider where the blue light glasses are being made before purchasing as it will often determine the quality. When you invest in blue light glasses, opting for the cheapest is not always the best buying strategy.

4. How Stylish Are the Frames?

As seen in...

The different types of computer glasses frames does not relate to the blue light filtering technology. But, the style of frames is super important when you are thinking of buying computer glasses.

You are going to be wearing these blue light blocking glasses in your office all day, in front of your peers, you are going to want to look the business. At BLUblox our latest computer glasses collection has been modelled on our work with Vogue, QG and Elle and are up with the latest trends.

5. What Frequencies of Blue Light Are Being Targeted?

Light Spectrum

Back to the lenses and science.

All LED light sources during the daytime are spiking in blue light between 440-460nm. Therefore, it makes sense that when you look to buy a pair of blue light computer glasses that they target this area of the light spectrum.

Many cheap pairs filter violet or green light so when you contact the customer service teams or look on websites to buy blue light glasses you see what frequencies of blue light are being targeted.

BLUblox BluLite computer glasses filter down blue light is this range, giving you the confidence that they are not only super stylish but also completely backed by evidence and science.

Final Thoughts

There are importants factors you should consider and look for when buying a pair of computer glasses that should actually work.

The buyers guide tips we shared should help you be a much more informed buyer. We want to help prevent you from spending money on a product that doesn't do what you expect it to do, which is protect your eyes from blue light and reduce your exposure to blue light.

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