Where to Buy Blue Light Glasses - From a Store or Online?

It’s great that you have googled this question as it means you are a step closer to optimal eye health and better sleep.

In this article we are going to empower you with the information you need to ensure you purchase the best blue light glasses. This is whether you choose to buy from a local store, or from an online shop like us here at BLUblox.

What to Look For When Buying Blue Light Glasses In-Store

Not all blue light glasses are created equal and we need to make sure we opt for the best blue light glasses to ensure we give ourselves optimal health, wellness and sleep.

If you are looking to buy blue light blocking glasses to help you get better sleep you will not be able to purchase these in a store.

The optometrists are unfortunately way behind educational brands online so it will be many years before Sleep+ glasses are stocked in optometrists.

Remember that clear lenses like computer glasses or anti-fatigue glasses are not going to help you with light management during the evening. You need red lens blue light glasses for after dark.

If you are looking to buy computer glasses from in store you may also want to avoid this. The optometrists utilise inadequate blue light filtering technology which means you are better saving your money and buying your prescription blue light glasses online.

Online retailers such as BLUblox specialise in advanced blue light filtering technology rather than outdated lens technology we often see in optometrists.

Buying non-prescription blue light glasses is also best done online as places like Costco and Walmart only stock cheaply made, non-evidence backed products made in factories in China, not from optics labs like BLUblox.

What to Look For Buying Blue Light Glasses Online

So, we know to avoid buying our blue light glasses in stores as they will be inferior to what you can get online.

In order to buy the best blue light glasses online we need to understand that not all blue light glasses are created equal. Take a look at our BLUblox vs other brands spectral test results to see for yourself the difference in claims.

Buying a daytime pair of blue light glasses to help with digital eye strain is a difficult mine field to navigate.

Companies selling blue light reducing computer glasses are popping up every day, many of which do not have or will not share the evidence behind their products. This doesn’t help us as the consumer as we do not know whether what we are buying is going to help our digital eye strain.

In order to get the best computer glasses we need to make sure we opt for clear lenses that filter around 30% of blue light and do not focus on violet light.

Ensure you email the company’s customer service team before you buy to get lens reports, data and science behind the products, if it’s not visible on their website. BLUblox BluLite Computer glasses are backed by science, lens reports are visible on each product and they come in super stylish frames.

If you have SAD, depression or anxiety then we suggest buying the BLUblox SummerGlo lenses are what you need for the daytime. Remember we all have unique light needs during the day, so make sure you choose the best blue light glasses for your needs.

For after sunset use we need to block blue light between 400 - 550nm. Clear lens blue light glasses do not do this, they are only good for managing digital eye strain during the day.

For after dark when buying your blue light glasses online you need to ensure the lenses are dark amber, or red color, and block 100% blue light wavelengths between 400 - 550nm. Ask for for the brands lens test reports and science, like we offer here at BLUblox for our customers. Our BLUblox Sleep+ glasses are the industry benchmark.

Do not opt for cheap amber or yellow glasses online as at BLUblox we have tested them all and 0% block in line with the academic literature. You can do a basic test of your blue light glasses at home to see if they do anything.


It’s clear that you should buy your daytime computer glasses or anti-migraine glasses online and even clearer that your nighttime blue light blocking glasses should also be bought online as well.

Buying blue light glasses in store is a definite no-no, but when we opt to buy our blue light glasses online we need to be careful as not all blue light glasses are created equal and we want to ensure we get the best blue light glasses possible for optimal health, wellness and sleep.

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