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REMedy Sleep Mask

$64.95 AUD

Our REMedy Sleep Mask will help you get the perfect night sleep! • 100% light blocking • Total darkness is guaranteed • AfterPay available • Fast & FREE worldwide shipping


The Look – Sleek, smooth and soft, REMedy provides the perfect sleep for all

Quality - Soft and comfortable material, no sharp edges and designed in Australia

Size –  Adjustable head strap to fit all face shapes with absolute comfort


Why REMedy?

  • Adjustable eye cavities to fit all head sizes
  • 100% light blocking. Total darkness guaranteed
  • Zero eye pressure - Prevents eye pressure related issues
  • Proven to increase restorative sleep phases - REM and Deep Sleep
  • Adjustable head strap, non-elastic, does not wear out
  • Contoured sides to allow for comfortable back, side and belly sleepers
  • Soft cushioned material for a comfortable sleep
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Breathable fabric so no overheating like other sleep masks
  • Machine Washable

Size Guide

Adjustable head strap to fit all face shapes with absolute comfort.

Our Guarantee

We know you will love REMedy that much, we guarantee your purchase from 30 days from the moment you take receipt.


To contact us regarding an issue with your purchase, email or fill out our enquiry from on our contact page and we'll get back to you.