Lumi Sleep+


The world’s best zero flicker, low EMF and zero blue light bulb for evening use.


Blue light passing through your eyes in only part of the problem. Blue light hitting your skin at night can disrupt your sleep and circadian rhythms. The flicker and EMF from regular light bulbs or other red LED bulbs may damage your health according to some studies. 

BLUblox has designed the ultimate zero flicker, zero blue and green light bulb for after sunset use. Lumi matches the blue and green light blocking powers of our signature Sleep+ lenses and more whilst providing zero flicker and low EMF.

There is now no need to buy outdated and uneconomical incandescent light bulbs.

The warm red glow from Lumi Sleep+ bulbs will help you unwind and relax before bed.

Lumi has disrupted the LED bulb market and provided a safe solution that others cannot offer.

We can now mimic ancestral living after sunset without giving up our homes. Lumi is the perfect solution to our modern-day lighting problems.


Lumi light bulbs are not designed for use in dimmable light fixtures. Such use may result in Lumi bulbs popping.  BLUblox hold no liability for misuse of Lumi light bulbs in dimmable light fixtures


    - Colour temperature: 1,000 K
    - Peak Wavelength: 660nm
    - Wavelengths blocked

    – 100% between 380nm and 580nm
    - Colour rendering index: >0.80
    - Brightness: 600-700lm
    - Input voltage: 85-265 volts
    - Power: 7 Watts
    - Certifications: SAA/C-tick/EMC/CE

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Great for sleep!

    I didn't know what my sleep was missing. I already had the sleep glasses, but switching out my bedside lightbulb for this one has made such a difference in falling asleep and also staying asleep through the night. Love it.

    Great product!

    Love the glasses, feel like I’m getting better sleep now!

    Love It!

    This has made such a huge difference to my sleep at night. Highly reccomend!

    Red room of rest

    The warm aura emitted by the lumi sleep + has totally transformed my sleep hygiene. Great product thank you: says exactly what it does on the tin.

    lumi sleep

    Must have tool for if need some light in the house when sun has gone down.