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Why BLUblox?

About Us

For every solution starts a problem, or in our case a set of problems. We could see instances of digital eyestrain, fatigue and poor sleep increasing across the world and the rise of prescription drugs to combat these ailments was alarming.

Being of a holistic yet scientific based mind set we embarked on months of research into what was causing these issues in modern society. Everything led back to blue light!

We knew we had to filter blue light during the day and block blue and green light after dark to create an optimal solution to combat these chronic diseases. The blue light filtering and blocking technology on the market is very misleading with companies trying to just sell their products to make money with no regard to science.

Our approach is different, we know that we all suffer from different problems and need a set of solutions.

We therefore set about revolutionising blue light lens technology in a mission to help improve the lives of everyone who is exposed to artificial blue light. All backed by science and built with style and finesse.

We knew that office workers who use their computer all day would not want to wear amber lenses. So, we developed our BluLite lenses which filter out specific harmful blue light from computers and digital devices whilst retaining their clear appearance. Unlike other computer glasses available, our BluLite lenses filter out only the harmful blue light and allow 100% of beneficial light through which means optimal wellness and health.

As each year rolled by we also noticed that depression, anxiety and even suicide rates were increasing across the world, especially in winter months.

Following our in-depth research, it was clear that lack of sunlight and overexposure to artificial blue light during the day was causing these symptoms which can be classified as Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D).

Personally, we felt like our mood was lower in winter months so we set about researching how to combat this. It all led back to blue light again. We knew we had to block specific frequencies of blue light whilst also making a radiant view of the world when wearing our lenses. We worked with doctors and psychologists to develop a yellow lens called SummerGlo. This lens has reformed the health of thousands by reducing stress and creating the perception of a summers day when worn during the day.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to completely overhaul the blueblocker for sleep lens, personified before we set to work by amber safety goggles or amber glasses. We delved back into the academic literature and discovered that not only blue light but green light also fell into the sleep disruption zone. We partnered with an Australian optics specialist and developed a red lens tint which blocked 100% of blue and green light from 400-550nm which we named the Sleep+ lens. Sleep+ rendered all other blueblockers inferior and is built solely on exact science. They were so effective the Australian National Soccer Team used our Sleep+ lenses to combat jetlag in their 2018 World Cup Qualifiers in Honduras!

We have now taken this game changing technology and implanted it into the finest quality Australian designed frames. Our bespoke lenses are manufactured and fitted in Australia, ensuring that each pair is infused with love, care and quality. Your health matters to us, so we are bringing the whole world the best products available, not a cheap substitute. BLUblox is advanced blue light filtering eyewear - we offer the whole and most optimal solutions.


We are the only company who offer blue light filtering lenses backed by science. No substitute is made that will sacrifice optimal for cost. We have produced the most efficient and effective blue light filtering lenses on the market.


We are the only company to offer the full range of lens technologies. We do not bash each lens colour as they all have a place in our digitalised world.


Our team are all well versed in the science, having researched light and health for years. Rest assured we place optimal health before profit and will only stock the best blue light filtering technology available.


Our lenses are manufactured and fitted in Australian labs, not overseas. This ensures a higher level of quality in each pair as opposed to mass produced, cheaper options available which often fail quality control tests.


Our team constantly monitor the latest fashion trends and launch new lines of frames every 6-12 months. At BLUblox our team make sure you have the latest on trend styles available so you remain as cool as last season.


We want to cater for everyone, this is why we have a custom-made prescription service available. Whatever your prescription script we can make them into computer glasses, mood booster glasses or Sleep+ glasses in fast time.


From our humble beginnings to our now global presence we have retained our personal approach to each customer. Whether you have questions on blue light, health or our products our friendly team are always on hand to chat.


We make exchanges and returns so easy even your gran could do it! We understand it is sometimes hard to pick the right style so we are happy to exchange your glasses or accept them as a return should you change your mind.


We cater for the whole family. From kids to adults our collection has something for everyone.


BLUblox Community Initiatives

BLUblox believes that everyone should be able to see clearly and we envision a world where everyone who needs glasses can have access to them.
There are 2.5 billion people in the world living with uncorrected vision impairment and further estimated 500 million people living in developing countries who simply need reading glasses to correct their vision.

Through our partnership with RestoringVision, a non-profit dedicated to providing new, high quality, reading glasses to those who would otherwise not have access, we help to give the gift of sight to people living in impoverished communities around the world. Our mission it to restore hope and the opportunity for a better quality of life in developing countries by restoring their ability to see clearly, work, read, learn, perform daily tasks and provide for themselves and their families.

To date, RestoringVision has helped over 10 million people see and live better.

YOU can make a difference too!

For every pair of BLUblox glasses that are sold, we sponsor a brand new pair of reading glasses to an individual in need, helping them to experience the world differently.

“This is Andrea from Mexico, a single mother of two young girls.
She works as a seamstress, sewing and repairing clothes.
Recently she began to lose her ability to see close up. Andrea could not afford a pair of glasses and was afraid of losing her source of income. When she received a new pair of readers from RestoringVision, she was extremely happy! She said she felt so relieved because she was now going to be able to keep working and providing for herself and her family.”

- RestoringVision, 2017