"I love the BLUblox glasses because not only are they lab tested and produced but they're stylish and super comfortable. And you can actually wear them while you're out and about without getting weird looks from everyone you pass.
The clear Maverick's have become my day-time staple and I transition into the red Sleep+ model after sunset to protect my eyes from harmful blue light and to optimize my sleep and recovery.
If you're looking for the best pair of blue-light blocking shades you'll actually wear, I'd check out BLUblox."

Anthony (Biohacking Secrets)

If you are exposed to artificial light at any point during the day you are damaging your health and sleep.

Blue light during the day is causing digital eyestrain and macular degeneration.
Blue light after dark is disrupting your body clock and disrupting your sleep.

If you’re always tired, struggle sleeping, have headaches, suffer stress or anxiety, blue light is most likely the culprit The optimal solution is BLUblox blue light blocking glasses. See what the King of Biohackers Anthony Di Clementi has to say about them!


Unisex Frames
to suit every taste

Laboratory Produced

Australian designed and made,
ensuring quality in every pair


Block blue light and combat digital
eye strain, poor sleep and mood


AfterPay available on all purchases for
Australian customers


We are the only company who offer blue light filtering lenses backed by science. No substitute is made that will sacrifice optimal for cost. We have produced the most efficient and effective blue light filtering lenses on the market.


We are the only company to offer the full range of lens technologies. We do not bash each lens colour as they all have a place in our digitalised world.


Our team are all well versed in the science, having researched light and health for years. Rest assured we place optimal health before profit and will only stock the best blue light filtering technology available.


Our lenses are manufactured and fitted in Australian labs, not overseas. This ensures a higher level of quality in each pair as opposed to mass produced, cheaper options available which often fail quality control tests.


Our team constantly monitor the latest fashion trends and launch new lines of frames every 6-12 months. At BLUblox our team make sure you have the latest on trend styles available so you remain as cool as last season.


We want to cater for everyone, this is why we have a custom-made prescription service available. Whatever your prescription script we can make them into computer glasses, mood booster glasses or Sleep+ glasses in fast time.


From our humble beginnings to our now global presence we have retained our personal approach to each customer. Whether you have questions on blue light, health or our products our friendly team are always on hand to chat.


We make exchanges and returns so easy even your gran could do it! We understand it is sometimes hard to pick the right style so we are happy to exchange your glasses or accept them as a return should you change your mind.


We cater for the whole family. From kids to adults our collection has something for everyone.


Our signature Sleep+ red lens is the world's most advanced blue and green light blocker.
Blocking 100% of blue and green light from 400-550nm, our Sleep+ lens is the optimal blue blocker for after dark. When worn 2 – 3 hours before bed, the advanced lens technology induces the ‘camping effect’ allowing the body to produce melatonin (the sleep hormone) which is otherwise prohibited when blue & green light it present.

The results are improved sleep and health after just one use, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised from a proper night’s sleep.
These glasses also make a great companion when travelling, aiding with the management of jet lag and re-aligning your body clock.

For lens reports on all our products please check the photos in your preferred product’s gallery. *All our glasses are unisex and come in Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Readers.


Our Mood Booster glasses combine colour therapy and blue blocking technology to bring you our SummerGlo lens, a holistic and powerful way to overcome low mood, depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder.
The warm yellow lens depicts a sunny summer’s day offering uplifting benefits whilst the blue light blocking technology blocks 100% of artificial blue light from 400nm – 450nm, the frequency known to contribute to depression.

These daytime blue light blocking glasses deliver optimal results when combined with our evening wear Sleep+ blue and green blocker glasses.

For lens reports on all our products please check the photos in your preferred product’s gallery.
*All our glasses are unisex and come in Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Readers.


Our computer glasses feature our specialised BluLite lens which filters down and reduces the harmful high energy artificial blue light emitted by digital devices.
By filtering down and reducing blue light across the entire blue spectrum our computer glasses alleviate digital eye strain.

These glasses are designed for those that suffer with dry, sore, tired eyes, headaches and migraines and blurred vision from screen time.

For lens reports on all our products please check the photos in your preferred product’s gallery.
*All our glasses are unisex and come in Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Readers.

Giving Back!

BLUblox believes that everyone should be able to see clearly and we envision a world where everyone who needs glasses can have access to them.
There are 2.5 billion people in the world living with uncorrected vision impairment and further estimated 500 million people living in developing countries who simply need reading glasses to correct their vision.

Through our partnership with Restoring Vision, a non-profit dedicated to providing new, high quality, reading glasses to those who would otherwise not have access, we help to give the gift of sight to people living in impoverished communities around the world. Our mission it to restore hope and the opportunity for a better quality of life in developing countries by restoring their ability to see clearly, work, read, learn, perform daily tasks and provide for themselves and their families.


“BLUblox is the only company I have found who offer blue light filtering lenses backed by science.
I was only sleeping 3 hours a night, now I get between 6-8 hours of sleep!”

Kris Gethin – World Expert Personal Trainer

“I am on my phone a lot and also my laptop.
I use to get dry sore eyes and headaches from screen use. Since wearing BLUblox I no longer get these issues and my sleep is off the charts and my gains are better than ever!”

Roger Snipes – Pro-Bodybuilder and Mr.UK

“Better sleep – easiest ways to maximise growth hormone = maximises lean muscle gains = better fat burning in a nutshell.
This is why I always wear BLUblox”

Mike Mutzel, MS – Founder “High Intensity Health”, Functional medicine consultant and Best-selling Author