Lumi SummerGlo


The world’s best zero flicker, low EMF and low blue light bulb to brighten up your day.


Blue light from office lighting or house lighting is contributing to digital eye strain. Blue light in isolation can also dry out your skin and disrupt your circadian rhythms. Flicker and blue light from light bulbs may also trigger migraines.

BLUblox has designed the ultimate zero flicker, low blue light bulb for daytime use, Lumi SummerGlo. By removing the most damaging blue light from 380nm - 470nm and only allowing beneficial blue light to be emitted your skin, eyes and circadian rhythms will thank you!

Lumi matches the blue light filtering powers of our signature SummerGlo lenses whilst providing zero flicker and low EMF. The warm yellow glow also mimics a summer’s day, instantly elevating your mood.

There is no need to buy outdated and uneconomical incandescent light bulbs.

The warm yellow glow from Lumi SummerGlo bulbs will help lift your mood, protect your eyes and skin from damaging blue light and keep you energised throughout the day.

Lumi has disrupted the LED bulb market and provided a safe solution that others cannot offer.

Lumi is the perfect solution to our modern-day lighting problems.


Lumi light bulbs are not designed for use in dimmable light fixtures. Such use may result in Lumi bulbs popping.  BLUblox hold no liability for misuse of Lumi light bulbs in dimmable light fixtures


    - Colour temperature: 1,000 K
    - Peak Wavelength: 660nm
    - Wavelengths blocked

    – 100% between 380nm and 580nm
    - Colour rendering index: >0.80
    - Brightness: 600-700lm
    - Input voltage: 85-265 volts
    - Power: 7 Watts
    - Certifications: SAA/C-tick/EMC/CE

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Very good bulb, helps for studying in the evening

    Hello, I do my studying for university classes in the evening. Having this bulb really helps, as before my desk lamp was disturbing my sleep since it was a white LED light and I would need to wear blue-blocking glasses while reading and taking notes. This has largely eliminated that, which is very helpful.

    Lumi SummerGlo

    I love having these bulbs. My house is almost all transitioned to all BluBlox bulbs. All except the ceiling fans which hold a smaller size bulb (would love to see you make the bulbs in a smaller size too!) My sleep has been noticeably better since implementing the night glasses and the bulbs. Thank you Blubox! Thank you to The Well-Fed Women podcast for having you on the podcast and introducing me to your product!

    I love these bulbs!

    I bought 3 for the lamps in my lounge. They emit such a lovely calm and soothing light yet it is just the right level of brightness. The yellow glow makes the room feel cosy. Will definitely buy more for other rooms.

    User of safe lighting

    Very nice bulbs, I have the yellow and the red. Works perfectly


    The glow is soothing and relaxing.