Our Mood Booster glasses combine colour therapy and blue blocking technology to bring you our SummerGlo lens, a holistic and powerful way to overcome low mood, depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. The warm yellow lens depicts a sunny summer’s day offering uplifting benefits whilst the blue light blocking technology blocks 100% of artificial blue light from 400nm – 450nm, the frequency known to contribute to depression. These daytime blue light blocking glasses deliver optimal results when combined with our evening wear Sleep+ blue and green blocker glasses. For lens reports on all our products please check the photos in your preferred product’s gallery. *All our glasses are unisex and come in Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Readers.


Unisex Frames
to suit every taste

Laboratory Produced

Australian designed and made,
ensuring quality in every pair


Block blue light and combat digital
eye strain, poor sleep and mood


AfterPay available on all purchases for
Australian customers