BLUblox Glasses

Our lenses are made under highly quality controlled lab conditions in Australia, not in a Chinese factory like many other brands. Our glasses are easily the best blue light glasses and best computer glasses as they filter and block blue light in line with peer reviewed academic literature and then placed in high quality Australian designed fashionable frames. Top performers globally only ever opt for BLUblox as they know they are the best blue light blocking glasses money can buy.

REMedy Sleep Mask

Your sleep mask is best hand washed in warm water. Be careful if using soaps as this may cause eye irritation.

Lumi Light Bulbs

BLUblox has reversed engineered the common LED light bulb to make them safe. By including an advanced current alternator within the bulb, we have eradicated flicker. Flicker can cause eye damage by disrupting eye shutter performance and migraines by triggering a photosensitive episode. We have also reduced down EMF to safe levels which protects are cells.

BLUblox has also created Lumi to match their signature Sleep+ and SummerGlo lenses, blocking the circadian disrupting light frequencies whilst allowing the beneficial ones through.

Hive Red Light Therapy Device

Hive comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and more information can be found by clicking here