Firstly, BLUblox has designed 3 lenses based around the available science; BluLite, SummerGlo and Sleep+.

Other brands either block too little or too much blue light which can damage your health. BLUblox blocks only the damaging wavelengths of blue and green light and allows beneficial light through. Rest assured that with BLUblox you have a safe and effective lens built around science, whatever your needs.

Secondly, we use only the most on trend and fashionable frames for our lenses. No ugly safety glasses can be found here. Our frames are designed in Australia and lenses designed and manufactured in Australia meaning quality and durability is ensured in each pair. Our glasses are premium in terms of quality and effectiveness so do not settle for cheap knock offs that can damage your health and waste your money.

Finally, BLUblox shows its lens reports for each lens on our website. Located under each individual product. No other company will show you their lens reports as they have something to hide, we do not and are happy to share these with you.