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REMedy Sleep Mask


Our REMedy Sleep Mask will help you get the perfect night sleep! • 100% light blocking • Total darkness is guaranteed • AfterPay available


The Look – Sleek, smooth and soft, REMedy provides the perfect sleep for all

Quality - Soft and comfortable material, no sharp edges and designed in Australia. 

Material - Entire sleep mask is made from ultra soft cotton. Internal padding on eye area is memory foam.

Size –  Adjustable head strap to fit all face shapes with absolute comfort


Why REMedy?

  • Adjustable eye cavities to fit all head sizes
  • 100% light blocking. Total darkness guaranteed
  • Zero eye pressure - Prevents eye pressure related issues
  • Proven to increase restorative sleep phases - REM and Deep Sleep
  • Adjustable head strap, non-elastic, does not wear out
  • Contoured sides to allow for comfortable back, side and belly sleepers
  • Soft cushioned material for a comfortable sleep
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Breathable fabric so no overheating like other sleep masks
  • Machine Washable

Size Guide

Adjustable head strap to fit all face shapes with absolute comfort.

Our Guarantee

To contact us regarding an issue with your purchase, email or fill out our enquiry from on our contact page and we'll get back to you.


Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Best decision ever. This is my 4th kind of sleepmask, and the BEST I ever tried.

I’m sooooooo satisfied with my sleep mask, it fits super and let no light through. I’m happy that I bought 2 of them. It will be a great gift for my sister.

Game Changer

This sleep mask is a game changer. It blocks the light completely, and it's size-adjustable. I've had other luxury silk sleep masks and nothing really compared to this one. It's a well-thought design and worth every dollar. Highly recommend it.

Total darkness!

These do deliver on total darkness, once I adjusted the eye covers (love that they're adjustable). Heard about REMedy sleep mask from JP Sears and definitely do not regret. Shipping to US was also very fast. I am getting full nights' sleep.

Happy with my purchase

This mask works very well and is comfortable too. I don’t usually leave reviews. However, it seems like quality is hard to find nowadays. So, I wanted to give credit where it’s due.


My neighbor just install stadium lights in his back yard. I have blinds but the light screams through my windows! This sleep mask is so very comfortable any way you sleep and most definitely blocks out all of the scream. I purchased one for my husband as well. I would highly recommend to anyone!
Just awesome!