About Us

The BLUblox story

What do you do when so many modern-day health issues point to artificial blue light as a cause yet so many products designed to address it are cheaply made, not backed by science and, well let’s face it – ugly, that very few people are embracing light management?

Well, you create a company that flips all that on its head.

That may be over-simplifying the BLUblox story, but it’s quicker than sharing our years of research, studies and clinical tests on how to optimally manage light. What ultimately matters to you, is the result. So that’s where we will focus.

“I remember the day Andy bought his first pair of blue blockers a few years back from a well-known online platform. I thought he was mad wearing orange safety goggles. They were hideous. There was no way I was jumping on the blue-blocker band wagon whilst they looked like that. I would feel so uncomfortable in public wearing them”

– Katie Mant, Creative Director

What did we discover? Well, to actually see any notable health benefits you need to block specific frequencies of light at specific times of day. This also differs from person to person, depending on many factors such as their lifestyle, current health issues, daily schedules, where they live and much more.

“Nature always provides an antidote to every problem and I was determined to find THE antidote for our modern digital world”

– Andy Mant, Founder

What did we do? Well, we certainly knew what we weren’t going to do – mass produce, cheap quality, one size fits all (and all times of the day) products that offer little to no benefit to our customers.

Oh No! It was time for people to be rewarded for their investment in their health with evidence based stylish products that actually improved their lives. Cue the launch of our 3 signature lenses: Sleep+, SummerGlo & BluLite…and now our amazing REMedy Sleep Mask.

Sleep+ is the world’s most advanced blue and green light blocking glasses addressing the exact frequencies of light required after dark to optimally produce melatonin for restorative sleep and health ”

SummerGlo is blue blocker meets colour therapy. A powerful daytime blue light blocking lens that not only blocks exact frequencies of blue light found in LEDs spectrum but combines mood boosting yellow colour therapy to help alleviate depression, anxiety and S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) ”

BluLite is the only daytime computer glasses to “filter down” across the entire blue light spectrum – important for any digital device user that wants to see benefits of reduced digital eye strain, headaches and migraines by filtering the correct spectrum found in such devices ”

REMedy Sleep Mask is our 100% blackout sleep mask. Offering a one size fits all, zero eye pressure and 100% light bocking for every user.

But that wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to help those that couldn’t help themselves. We could not sleep at night growing an international brand whilst so many around the world were struggling to make ends meet. So, we partnered with not-for-profit Restoring Vision to donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in the developing world for every pair of BLUblox glasses sold.

And where are we now? Well, everywhere – thanks to you amazing people believing in us. We are taking our message globally, helping millions of people all over the world understand how light impacts health and wellbeing and empowering them to optimally manage their light hygiene.

Our Vision
Optimal Light: Optimal Life

Behind the Brand

Andy Mant
Founder & Director

I am the Founder and the one behind the technology of our products and the optimisation of product performance.

My passion is researching and educating to help empower others to lead an optimal and fulfilling life.

My philosophy is to design products in line with proven academic literature to ensure BLUblox customers get only the best available technology that will actually make a difference to their health and wellbeing.

I want to make the science behind light management understandable to all. De-bunking science, offering digestible information that people can utilise and creating meaningful connections with our community will always be my driver.

BLUblox is not just about its products. It's an educational community where you can grow. Helping others is the foundation on which BLUblox was created.

A brand that gives back is at the core of what I believe.

Katie Mant
Creative Director

I am the Creative Director and the one behind the brand image and product style.

My passion is making biohacking beautiful.

I want to help others embrace light management by designing products people would actually want to wear.

A product only works if the user feels comfortable and confident wearing it and this is my driving force.

I love fitness, fashion and wellness and I understand that personal appearance matters to many. It matters to me too.

Style is therefore paramount in all our designs. I want everyone to experience the amazing benefits of light management and be proud to be seen in BLUblox.

Creating a brand that is welcoming to all, no matter where they are on their journey has and will always be one of my core values.