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Nick at Night!

I love my new Nick Sleep prescription glasses! Now that I have had them for a couple of weeks, I can tell a difference in my ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep deeper. The tinting helps tremendously. I liked the Nick frame so much that I ordered another pair for daytime. The frame is very light weight and comfortable and the prescription is right on! Thank you BLUblox!


I purchased the glasses because my son recommended so. I was a bit sceptic but what a difference wearing those glasses make. It really does relax the eyes prepares the whole body for a good night's sleep. I fall asleep much waster when I wear my glasses. Je recommande ces lunettes à tous!!

Great glasses!

I am enjoying these glasses. They look great and they work amazingly. Thank you for helping me protect my eyes!

Very high quality glasses and look cool

The frames are very solid with nice, springy hinges and the lens seems to be very high quality. As for effectiveness, I've never had an issue going to sleep, but fairly often I'll wake too soon and can't get back to sleep. For the first three days, the glasses didn't seem to help at all, but after that initial period I've been sleeping through the night more consistently. Not sure why there was a lag in the beginning, but I've also noticed that I get sleepier than I previously would. I try to read before bed, but when I watch television, the colors are altered, but I've adapted and it's no big deal.


Very stylish and helpful.


I am so incredibly happy with my purchase. I bought prescription Smith sleep +
They fit my head perfectly. I do have a tad larger head than most women so these worked out great. I was worried they would be too big but they definitely were not! They fit great!

my eyes say thank you!

I have had lasik eye surgery twice in the past 20 years and also have dry eye. My eyes actually have ached with all the time i've spent watching a screen I also get headaches and try to limit my time on a screen. I have drops that help with the dryness but they don't really help the strain. Well, i happened to be watching a JP Sears video and he was talking about how Blublox glasses helped him plus he had a discount code, so i thought i'd give them a try and wowzer! I'm so glad I did! They have really made a huge difference in how my eyes feel plus i'm more restful in the evenings because i'm not getting headaches like i used to before I started usingt them. I now have 2 pairs and recommend others get them! Thanks so much! :)

Excellent for daytime work

This was my second pair of prescription Blublox glasses and I can't recommend them enough! These are a great fit and perfect for daytime use while working on screens. Shipping was fast and I have experienced excellent customer service for both purchases. Thank you!

Love These Glasses

I work on the computer frequently and these readers are perfect. My eyes are NOT getting tired any longer. I need to get the red ones for the evening.

Great Glasses

Bought these to read on computer and watch television. Definitely relaxes my eyes. My husband snagged these from me and he “really likes” them.


I have the Echo style in all 3 lens colors, and they've changed my life in relation to screen time and "smart" lighting. As a migraineur the yellow lenses are the best choice when I have a headache and need to ensure it doesn't become a migraine. It works every time!


I’m so glad I bought these so I can look at my computer after dark and not affect my sleep

Really Beautiful Fit

I looked on another pair of glasses I had for the actual measurements of this one, which ended up fitting well. I've put the pair by a warm heater to heat up to bend the frames better around my ears. All in all, a beautiful light frame that I'm still experimenting w/ on how well they help w/ sleep since I'm on my computer all day long.

Improved my sleep

Overall, very high quality pair of specs. I bought these as per a book recommendation that this company made high quality glasses proven to block the blue light wavelengths from screens/lights. I put them on after 7pm when I need to be on my computer or watching a sports game etc. I use a Whoop fitness tracker to monitor my sleep and recovery. Using these blue light blocking glasses my recovery & sleep scores have been significantly higher! Our bodies simply are not meant to see blue light after the sun sets and it interferes with sleep. Try these out.


One of the best investments I’ve made for my health, improved sleep. Good quality frames, too.

They work!``

These are the best! They block out all light and they are very comfortable plus adjustable. Love them.

Blublox make me look sexy

My wife love the way I look with BB Tortoiseshell glasses. I love these glasses so much I ordered another pair; now I have a pair with 1.25 magnification for working on my phone or computer. I also have regular pair for watching Netflix.

Very pleased!

I'm very pleased with my purchase. They fit well and they work well. I've been sleeping better since the first evening I wore them. They work. Just buy a pair. You'll be glad you did!

Very Good Protection

I now sleep like a baby

Absolutely Fabulous!

They are comfortable, easy to adjust to, and I love that I could add the magnifiers. Sleeping better already!

Love These!

Beautiful glasses and work extremely well. Thank you!

Great looking glasses

Great set of lenses to help get back to a good sleep schedule. I notice I do sleep better after using these glasses versus not using them at all.

Great set

Fits great and I really like the style. The lenses definitely help reduce eye strain and the headaches I would get during the day. I definitely sleep better using a combination of the SummerGlo and Sleep+ lenses.

Red Bulbs

I have summer glow bulbs on all day. Winter in NY is gloomy and these are wonderful.

By 6 PM I turn the yellow them off and turn the Red glow on. The warm glow is perfect for relaxing, watching TV. I rarely need any other light source. We recently had guests overnight and they mentioned the soothing effects they felt from the red glow.

Summer Glow Bulb

I use summer glow bulbs during the daytime every day. The light is bright (great for reading and crafting) but not harsh.

After sundown I switch to red bulb light.